The Sound Studio

Simply add your computer, a dash of talent and MIX!

Whether you're recording a podcast, webinar, voiceover or other online content, we've got you covered. Our suite of professional audio equipment and accessories paird with your software and skills will produce the professional quality you seek for your next project.

"This is the best sounding setup I've seen for my podcast - at any price!" - Obed Manuel, Latina Lista

Equipment Inventory

2 Mackie MR mk3 powered speakers - 50 watt; 45hz - 20 kHz
Balanced xlr, balanced 1/4" (TRS) and RCA inputs
Adjustments: volume, high frequency, low frequency

2 MXL Microphones - 990 / condenser mic - cardioid pattern
30Hz - 20kHz; 15 mV/Pa
With Shock Mount

2 Monoprice Pro Audio Series Microphone Isolation Shields

2 Akg Headphones - k182 series
50 mm drivers deliver a frequency response of 10 Hz to 28 kHz and provide a balanced mix

2 Lapel Mics wired with 1/8" in jack

1 Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 mixer

1 iPhone/iPad/Camera Tripod


Self Service
1 hour $45
2 hours $85
3 hours $120
4 hours $150

Discounts of 20 - 50% for members of The Mix Coworking & Creative Space.
Full Service quotes available on request.

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The Mix Kitchen

Six pods (work spaces) are available:

  • POD I Includes six burner vulcan stove with two ovens Work table
  • POD 2 Includes six burner vulcan stove with one oven Fryer Work table
  • POD 3 Blodgett convection oven Counter top induction range burner Work table
  • POD 4 Blodgett convection oven Counter top induction range Work table
  • POD 5 Packaging Station Countertop Induction range burner w/electricity Work Table
  • POD 6 Packaging Station Countertop Induction range burner w/electricity Work Table

30 gallon Mixer- included in booking on a 1st come basis, but must be booked seprately

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The Floor

Just a real, big open space adjacent to the stage. Fill it with chairs and tables to seat up to 150. Or big, fat pillows and yoga mats. Make it fancy or keep it simple. This shows us all dressed up for a wedding!

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The Dinner Tables

We know that the best conversations happen around a meal. In The Mix, we have three big, generous tables to gather with new friends. Each of the tables are crafted from reclaimed wood by Lake Highlands Pallet Creations and seat 8 - 10. We love them so much that we have another one on the way. You may serve Family Style or from a buffet sideboard.

Nearby, large carts swivel around to provide flipcharts, whiteboards or projection screens.

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The Atelier

A space for artists to get messy, get inspired, get busy. Paint? Ceramics? Sculpture? We want to create an ideal space for you. Then, we want to help you with the business side of your art as a member of the coworking community. 

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The Sewing Lab

The lab is home to The Ahadi Collective, a community of African refugees who are growing a commercial textiles business. Fully equipped with Viking machines, two sergers and a digital embroiderer, the room may be booked during times that Ahadi is not in house. A training orientation is required to book time on the sewing machines, $25. Please let us know if you are interested in additional classes in the future.

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The Workroom

A textiles workroom, hosted by Lydia Varela of Renew Not Retail and Ronda Van Dyk of The Shabby Sheep.

The space is currently in transition but is envisioned as a space to:

  • Transform castoffs into treasures. Old t-shirts become stylish scarves or handy totebags. Outdated skirts become Mad Men-style aprons. Lydia hosts swap parties and pop-up thrift shops.
  • Textiles Arts classes including spinning, weaving and stitchery of all kinds.

The walls will be lined with shelves full of yarns and fabrics of every texture and hue - sparking creativity and providing great acoustics for your podcast or video conference!

For now, you are welcome to book the space for 6 - 8 people at a roomy counter-height project table . . . perfect for brainstorming sessions on the BIG whiteboard!

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